Dan FrigoHi everyone! My name is Dan Frigo, or better known as the Bugged Out Prepper,

I’m here because I am passionate about helping men and woman like myself become better prepared if/when SHTF (shit hits the fan).

When searching online for bug out bags and what should and should not be included you can easily get overwhelmed. I know I was.

This site is designed to take you inside my bug out bag. Thus the Bugged Out Prepper site was born.

I know what it is like to be bombarded with information online. It seems like everyday there is a new “must have” item that you are being told that you need to buy in order to be adequately prepared.

Without really knowing what matters you can be utterly lost in all the noise, just like I was.

I now know what belongs inside the one bag that has the best chance of saving your life, and the life of your family.

That’s exactly why I am here, to help you to build the best bug out bag possible!

I will filter through all the noise and report back with honest information, reviews and tutorials all about building your emergency bug out bag and survival skills.

It wasn’t long ago that I was starting to become concerned about the world around me. Whenever I listened to the radio, turned on the news, or went online I was confronted with the brutal truth that the world as we know it today will not be here for much longer. Wars, rumors of wars, disease, political corruption, climate change and much more are all factors that can lead to a major catastrophe at any moment.

I then surveyed the supplies I had around me and it was frightening that I would not survive more than a week, and that was pushing it.

I quickly discovered that having a properly equipped bug out bag/emergency survival bag was going to be one of the first things I needed to set out to build.

Having a bag with enough food, water, and supplies to survive at least 72 hours was going to be extremely important for me and my family.

It wasn’t easy. I ran into problems, I had questions that I needed to have answered. Yet, I was getting different answers all over the place. I was asking myself what type of food to pack and how much, what type of fire-starter should I pack, how much water if any should be in the bag, or should water be stored somewhere else.

The list of questions was endless and then I soon realized that I wasn’t alone. There were other people just like me who were looking to build a bug out bag and got lost in the web of information.

I will be showing you exactly what I have and recommend in my own bug out bag. I will also review potential items that may be considered for my bag and discuss why or why not this item made the grade.

Along the way I will share survival tips that will be helpful when bugging out, or bugging in.

I want to help you to get your bug out bag started and built fast! The first step is simple.

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