We don’t know what tomorrow may bring, it seems pretty clear that the United States is heading for recession and when SHTF (shit hits the fan)  you and I can expect to lose the vast majority of our savings and investments.

If your planning on investing in precious metals now’s the time to invest; get started before SHTF!

More and more people are getting concerned about the rising National Debt and our country’s ongoing recession. Oh, I know, Obama says we’re in a glorious recovery; but I haven’t seen any recovering going on. I mean, how can you call it a recovery, when there are more people out of work than before?

The big scare is that we’re heading into an economic meltdown. Actually, if you’ve studied the Argentinean financial collapse at all, it appears that we’re already in the first stage of it. Their collapse happened in two stages; the long slow slide into financial problems, followed by the fall over the financial cliff. Well, we’re sliding along way too good. The only thing that’s kept it from seeming worse is the government lying about the numbers.

The government is lying about the unemployment rate, saying it’s going down when the labor force participation rate is what’s really going down. The only way that they can make the unemployment rates look so good is to say that people have left the workforce, because they’re not looking for jobs. They’re also lying about inflation, leaving out food and fuel, the two costs that are rising the fastest, while showing us that manufactured goods and housing aren’t going up in price. The interesting thing is that those two figures, inflation and unemployment, are the two prime signs of economic collapse.

When Argentina had their collapse, unemployment was over 25 percent, just about the same as the United States during the great depression. In the five years of the Argentinean collapse, the cost of goods inflated by a total of 1589 percent. During the same time, salaries only increased by 230 percent. So, everyone ended up being poorer, except for those who were very wealthy to start with.

investing in precious metals

If you’re planning on investing in precious metals get started before SHTF!

Don’t invest it in anything that is measured by the American dollar though. When the dollar crashes, everything that’s based upon the dollar will crash as well. That means stocks, bonds, even property values. Most foreign currencies will follow, going down in value, as their value is tied to the dollar.

There is only one thing that historically retains value when the value of everything goes down; that’s investing in precious metals. Any time there’s an inflation, the value of gold and silver go up. That makes it the most secure investment there is, especially in troubled times.

There are a few things you should know when you start investing in precious metals:

  • First of all, the “spot price” isn’t the price you’ll pay. That’s a theoretical price for trading on the stock exchange. You’ll actually pay more than that. Compare the price of your purchase with other sellers, to verify that it is a fair price.
  • Always deal with a reputable seller, like jmbullion.com. While there are many reliable companies to deal with, there are also some unreliable ones. Make sure you check the company you are going to do business with, before committing.
  • Buying actual coins, such as old $20 gold pieces, is a more secure investment than buying collectors coins or ingots. In the past, when it was illegal for Americans to own gold, they could still own collectible coins.

The price of gold and silver fluctuate all the time, so you need to realize that when you begin investing in precious metals it is a long-term investment. Don’t be depressed if the price drops one month after you buy. Give it time and it will more recover, ultimately making you a nice profit and will be incredibly useful when paper currency is worthless.

Investing in precious metals will be one of your best decisions when preparing for the worst.

What are your thoughts on investing in precious metals, do you think having precious metals on hand will be better than paper currency when SHTF?

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